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Handschriften lernen


This section deals with the author’s study of the handwriting of German speaking people over a period of 400 years, and is not necessarily relevant to the student following the handwriting course translated into English. The handwriting script which is explained in this tutorial has only been standard in Germany since 1941.


The author writes about her life and the handwriting styles she learned at school before the 2nd World War. She was taught two different forms of handwriting, and her parents wrote in yet another style! Hence the need in schools for standardisation in 1941. Germans who have grown up since then usually find the previous styles very difficult to read. When her town was in danger from Allied bombing raid, she was evacuated and in the rural area where she then lived, her schooling virtually came to an end, especially as school teachers were, by this time, being called up for armed service. She then tells of her eventual career as a teacher, and finally how it came to pass that she became aware of the need for students to learn the modern cursive script which has become standard.